From ambitious start-ups to established industry leaders, Scotland has been responsible for the development of world beating games such as gta, lemmings, minecraft and Bloons. Recent reports suggest that the industry is now surging having experienced dramatic growth in 2015. Trade association Tiga indicated that the Scottish games industrys development headcount grew by more than 25 in Scotland between December 2014 and March 2016. This represented growth at more than twice the uk average and also marked the second fastest growth in the uk after Wales. Its estimated that Scotlands 85 games companies now employ approximately 1,290 creative staff and the game development sector provides an additional 2,408 indirect jobs, according to tigas research. The research also concluded that Scotland is home.4 of the uks total games companies and.8 of its developer headcount. The Scottish Games Industry also has strong collaborative ties with leading academic game development initiatives such.

top sectors netherlands in data capture, rugged design and engineering and real-world interfaces and informatics, which serve to assist innovation and growth across other key industries within Scotlands economy. The commercial application of new technological and engineering innovations is extremely diverse. Take game development for example. Scotland is now one of the top countries in the world for talent.

The Scottish government produced data that suggests between 20 the total number of companies increased. The vast majority of Scottish companies are smes and these small to medium sized enterprises account for 55 of all private sector employment and nearly 40 of all private sector turnover. As such its vital to the Scottish economy that more, new and successful companies are incorporated on a yearly basis in order to continue making a vital contribution to overall employment prospects and turnover. In 2014 business expenditure on r d was 905 million, representing.64 of the overall national gdp (the uk as a whole sits.09). Scottish r d expenditure (or berd: business enterprise research and development) is largely dominated by the manufacturing sector (488 million closely followed by the services sector (245 million with other sectors accounting vitamine for 175 million in spending. The technology and Engineering sector in Scotland incorporates sub-sectors such as advanced materials, high-value manufacturing, sensors and photonics, mobile software, electronics and high-value manufacturing (see our recent post on the digital Clusters report here ). The technology and engineering sector in Scotland employs approximately 170,000 people, with nearly 10,500 companies clustered within the industry. Examples of global companies within this high value sector include the likes of Rolls royce, oracle, bae systems, cirrus Logic, lockheed Martin, Thales and bae systems. On an annual basis the technology and engineering sector in Scotland exports approximately.7 billion and assists in contributing.7 balm billion of gva (gross value add) to the wider Scottish economy. In terms of innovation, technology and engineering business expenditure on r d is roughly 334 million per year.

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30th november 2016, from Adam Smith creating the great wealth of Nations, to sir William Patterson conceptualising the bank of England, Scotland has a rich history of innovation. In the first instalment of our vetten two part series, we explored the first five of our top 10 technology driven sectors in Scotland, focusing on Energy and Low Carbon technologies, financial and Business services, food and Drink, life Sciences and healthcare and Sustainable construction. Today were exploring the next five scottish industries in our series, focusing on the technology and Engineering sector, Creative industries, aerospace defence marine (ad m chemical Sciences and tourism. Over the next few months well be exploring each of the ten sectors in more detail, exploring the exact economic makeup of each industry and how technological innovation is redefining the way new products and services are brought to market. New technological innovations are absolutely vital to the Scottish economy. Technology has altered every aspect of our personal and business lives, the way we communicate, manage our finances, the way we work, live and play. Technology represents a key driver for the Scottish economy as it continues to underpin vital advancements and innovations in public services such as education, healthcare and infrastructure. The Scottish Economy innovation, there are more than 360,000 registered private companies throughout the whole of Scotland, with the more than 99 of these organisations being comprised of smes.

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There are the avis incoming trade missions where delegates from a country come to the netherlands for usually a couple of days to a week. The outgoing trade missions are usually subsidized by the cpa programme in corporation with the nl evd international. Nabc organizes their programme, accommodation and transport. During their stay the participants visit some companies, meet some business people during matchmaking sessions and visit some governmental institutions. 5 Then there are the outgoing missions which are trade missions to an African country covering a couple of sectors.

The aim of such missions is to familiarize dutch companies with the local business climate, introduce them to local partners and distributors, and to give them an insight into the local private sector development programs. Usually these are attended by 6 to 12 nabc members and sometimes non-members. Members pay their own ticket to the country and accommodation, nabc arranges local transport. To attend the programme is free of charge. The nabc organizes a programme for a couple of days to a week with again some company visits and meetings at some government institutes. Of course there are the infamous matchmaking sessions and some time for leisure which is part of the African business life.

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The nabc organizes seminars that are informative afternoons where speakers from well-known companies or economic attachés from an African goede country talk about the business opportunities in that country and cover specific topics. Recent events edit The netherlands-African Business council rarely organizes a conference but an example is the first Business Summit Netherlands-African 2010 on 3 november on How to improve your Africa strategy. Two hundred participants attended this conference which is the first of its kind covering African business opportunities. Many of nabcs African members flew over just to attend this event. The summit was a full day programme in Castle The wittenburg in Wassenaar (close to The hague) with 5 workshops and 15 speakers of big Dutch firms that have been active in Africa for a long time. Speakers were present from companies such as heineken, rabobank, fmo, tno, dsm, philips and Vlisco. 4 Trade missions edit The netherlands-African Business council has the knowledge and experience essential for networking services for the dutch and African private sector that trade with each other. Nabc organizes a couple trade missions per year manicure to and from Africa covering different sectors and countries.

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Citation needed, member companies get support with regards to questions and problems that may arise when business is done with African companies and governments. Next to this the nabc can gets member companies in touch with African companies and governments by either providing contact details or serving as an intermediary. Trade missions to and from Africa covering different sectors and countries. Organizing seminars, workshops and conferences on different sectors and companies Creating networking possibilities between companies within this market Offering contact details and matchmaking between African and Dutch companies Providing business information on the African (and Dutch) market through its media support members with problems and. The nabc board members have many years of experience in doing business with Africa. Nabc shares these expertise with member companies both in the netherlands and in Africa. 3 nabc organizes different events to keep companies in contact with other entrepreneurs and Africa's opportunities. Events are usually held in the netherlands and mostly attended oude by the nabc members, businessmen looking for some matchmaking possibilities, ambassadors and speakers.

2, contents, members edit, the idea behind logo the nabc is as a business platform for companies that trade and invest in and with Africa to exchange reliable contacts and create business opportunities. The netherlands-African Business council currently has 440 company member companies, dutch as well as African. These companies are active in all sectors of the private sector. Company size varies from entrepreneurialships to multinational corporations such as, royal Dutch Shell, heineken, rabobank and. Most member companies are in the. Business Service sector, followed by, agriculture and, transport. The nabc supports members with problems and questions they might have in doing business with African companies and governments. Members get discounts on events and activities and get exclusive access to some events, such as the Africa business Club. Services edit, the nabc has become the central point for companies who want to become active in or with Africa.

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From wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, jump to: navigation, search, netherlands-African Business council (nabc) is a non-profit organization for Dutch companies trading and investing. Africa and vice versa. Like many, business, councils, supports its members with their activities in Africa by promoting trade platinum with the continent. Nabc has been around since it was set. Heineken and a couple of other Dutch companies in 1946. In 2016, nabc will celebrate its 70 years anniversary. 1, the netherlands-African Business council currently holds 400 members, both Dutch and African. The nabc has contacts and a wide database within the netherlands and covers all countries in Africa.

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