( talk ) 19:57, (UTC) Well, this is unfortunate. In high school in the late 80s, we were told it was hard g, ending. Always assumed Golgi was a surname. — Preceding unsigned comment added by ( talk ) 10:36, 22 november 2017 (UTC) It's gôljē The page previously gave the pronunciation /ɡoʊldʒi/ with no source. Per the above discussion, there is clearly not a consensus, and I couldn't find a reliable source as to the correct pronunciation, so i removed the pronunciation from the lead. Nloveladyallen ( talk ) 14:17, (UTC) Survival without Golgi bodies edit would a cell be able to function without the golgi apparatus?

I'd understand if someone used a soft. confuseddave 16:57, 21 February 2006 (utc it is definately pronounced goal-gee —preceding unsigned comment added by ( talk contribs ) Definitely is definitely spelled 'definitely'. The correct pronunciation is more akin to "goll-jee".

—Preceding unsigned comment added by makeup ( talk ) 15:02, 29 December 2007 (UTC). Pronounciation edit, how is Golgi pronounced? Soft or hard 'g's. Jenks 20:55, (UTC) it is pronounced with a hard. This does matter because what if you were in an operating theatre and you said the gauljee body is not functioning? You could be discussing the laws of gravity! The director 16:36, (utc goal-guy? Only if you're from long island, try. Goal-gee, nY101 16:38, (utc what is your source for that pronunciation, because according to ml, the guy's name is pronounced with a soft j, so i'd think the organelle would be pronounced the same way. Callmeniel 20:47, (utc actually, the Oxford English Dictionary Online lists the entry with a soft. It's pronounced, according to the oed as sort of the "gol" (from "golf "ge" (from "genie - "goljē" *mike duron.

What would happen to a cell if the, golgi apparatus was

Golgi apparatus was a, thomas natural sciences good articles nominee, but did not meet the good article criteria at the time. There are suggestions below for improving the article. Once these manicure issues have been addressed, the article can be renominated. Editors may also seek a reassessment of the decision if they believe there was a mistake. This article is of interest to the following. Wikiprojects : Contents, cis face edit, shouldn't the cis face outlined in the article be described as that which receives vesicles from the er? The description actually given appears to be that for the trans face.

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what happens when golgi apparatus is removed from the cell

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what happens when golgi apparatus is removed from the cell

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As you might know, golgi apparatus is the place where proteins in the cell are modified, and packaged into gezichtsmasker vesicles for delivery to appropriate destination. It is the package and dispatch unit within the cell. What would Happen If a cell Did Not have. The, golgi apparatus also manufactures a wide variety. The, golgi apparatus is also involved in the formation of the cells which will not be possible. What happens Golgi apparatus is removed from cells? The, golgi apparatus, also known as the, golgi complex. Removal of mannose residues and addition of n-acetylglucosamine occur in medial cisternae. What happens to proteins that come from the er to the.

The golgi apparatus is considered to be the distribution and shipping center for the cells chemical products. It alters proteins and lipids and gets them ready to be transported to other locations within the cell or to be sent out of the cell. What happens skincare to a cell if the golgi apparatus. What happens to a cell if the golgi apparatus is removed from. Golgi apparatus package and distach. If there were. Golgi apparatus, or Body, then the cell would not be able to fully produce new substances because the cell would not be able to package substances such as enzymes etc. Into secretory vesicles or micelles which attach to cell walls and allow the substance to leave the cell. If golgi apparatus is removed completely from the cell, the cell would simply collapse!

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You are platinum using an out dated version of Opera. . Some features may not work correctly. Google Chrome, dismiss, select board class, some of the processes of the cell which are performed by golgi might get affected like transportation and packaging of lipids, proteins but there will be no effect of absence of golgi apparatus on life of cell. It will continue to live. Thank you for your interest. We will get back to you soon.

What happens when golgi apparatus is removed from the cell
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