This may sound odd, but poison was the wrong color for. . I tried it, and it didnt work with any of my clothing, not even with a bright blue suede jacket the color of a peacocks neck. . The sandalwood, opoponax, and vetiver drydown, which I perceived as a different color than the rest, took far too long to reach and was too subtle. . A trace on the skin was pleasant the next day, but who wanted to wait that long to get there? What was this stuff in the elegant, dark purple boule? For one thing, it was a radical departure for the house of dior, its first truly modern fragrance and a giant step away from its past as a quiet stalwart of the upper middle class. For another, it was not meant for this traditional dior customer but for new customers who would buy into its myth of female as dangerous vamp. . That it reached an unlikely conclusion of soda and powder was beside the point. .

dior hypnotic poison parfum douglas for poison, done in tones of purples and blacks, seemed to shroud the scent in darkness and in decadence, but the truth is that poison was anything but. . It was in my estimation the cheeriest of the big Eighties scents, certainly the brightest and most garish. . It would mow down, rather than seduce, its victims, who i liked to assume were pimply and gangly high-school boys.

Obsession, calvin Kleins new-at-the-time Oriental that had a hair tonic note in the base. . But during a holiday gathering a cousin arrived, or poison arrived with the cousin, shrieking in like a comet to the Thanksgiving dinner table. . Gone were the typical holiday aromas: chestnuts, turkey, and pumpkin pie. We were served poison alongside roasted yams and it was all anyone could talk about; even the old aunts clucked—in appreciation. Even today i recall an explosive white-powder tuberose sweetened by grape-y berries, with a weird herbal accent (coriander, pepper) at the top that always made me feel a bit dizzy, as if the earth were settling beneath my feet. Remember that 1985 was near the end of the big Oriental era that had begun a decade before. . poison was the exact opposite, a behemoth white floral that didnt smell anything like a flower but more like a synthetic floral orgy, something oh-so-right for the bigness of the eighties. The natural menthol note that occurs in tuberose marked poison with a toothpaste-like, minty quality. . Although the berried top notes responsible for the fruit-candy accord are immediately noticeable, it is this minty, green tuberose that sails forth, buttressed by orange blossom and for all i know a bottle of grape nehi soda (tuberoseheliotropeblack dokter currant). . Its a courageous fragrance actually, in that it overtakes and beats down its wearer, a risky fragrance that in its original form required personal boldness and sophistication to pull off. .

dior hypnotic poison parfum douglas

Poison Christian dior perfume - a fragrance for women 1985

Poison : nearly 30 years after its debut, the name still causes a chill up the spine or a frisson of fear among those whose nasal passages were assaulted by Christian diors titanic fragrance. Launched in 1985, poison entered a world of big perfume. . It was the era of flamboyant, often bombastic scents. . even in this context, poison made an immediate name for itself. . Whether this was cause for celebration or not depended on aziatische who was doing the smelling. . Giorgio beverly hills, had as many vocal fans as it did vehement opponents. I remember the first time i smelled. . I had recently started wearing.

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dior hypnotic poison parfum douglas

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Dior dior Addict eau fraiche 50 ml pro ženy za 2 379 kč dior hypnotic poison dámská parfémovaná voda 50 ml dior dámské parfémy růžové. Dior dior Addict toaletní voda (EdT) 50 ml pro ženy za 2 329 kč dior hypnotic poison dámská parfémovaná voda 50 ml dior dámské parfémy. Dámský parfém Christian dior poison Hypnotic poison (2014) parfémovaná voda dámská 100. This, to me, is on the same boat with la vie est Belle, dior Hypnotic poison or ysl black Opium. ShopMania najde ceny pro guerlain / Aqua allegoria nerolia bianca - eau de toilette 100 ml, hodnocení a specifikace na guerlain / Aqua.

ShopMania najde ceny pro guerlain / Habit rouge - eau de toilette 100 ml, hodnocení a specifikace na guerlain / Habit rouge - eau. Dior poison Hypnotic poison sprchový gel pro ženy 200. Dior poison Hypnotic poison nejlepší cena. Christian dior Hypnotic poison eau de toilette 30 Ml Parfums Dames cosmetica, dune christian dior 50ml,top producten, Christian dior. červenou diorku hypnotic poison mám již druhou zimu a používám je především v chladnějším počasí, je těžší, kořeněnější a velice. "The psychopharmacology of huperzine A: an alkaloid with cognitive enhancing and neuroprotective properties of interest in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease". "Phosphoinositides in cell regulation and membrane dynamics".

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Jaké vůně a parfémy doporučují ostatní? Přivoňte si i. Výsledek vyhledávání zboží telove mleko christian dior jadore laadt 150ml. vám pomůže najít a porovnat ceny zboží v českých. Recently however I tried Hypnotic poison edp and really did enjoy. Značky parfémy forever ever dior (1) Christian dior (40) poison (3) douglas Hannant(2). miss dior Blooming bouquet, hypnotic poison, pure poison, more for Men: sauvage, dior Homme Intense, fahrenheit, eau sauvage.

dior hypnotic poison parfum douglas

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Dámský parfém - christian, dior, hypnotic, poison toaletní voda je orientální, teplá vůně. christian, dior, hypnotic, poison, eau de, parfum, narciso rodriguez narciso rodriguez for Her eau de, parfum, lancome miracle dolce gabbana. christian, dior, poison, girl Lancome la vie est Belle guerlain Shalimar. Parfum, initial Mugler Alien Essence Absolue yves saint laurent. dior (miss, dior, cherie), dune, hypnotic, poison, more for Men: sauvage, fahrenheit, dior, homme Intense, eau sauvage, dior Homme. miss dior Blooming bouquet, hypnotic poison, miss dior (miss dior Cherie), more for Men: sauvage, dior Homme Intense, fahrenheit. adore Christian dior - hypnotic poison Carolina herrera - vip 212 Gucci - gucci Premier Lancome - la vie est Belle pánske: Paco rabanne. Témata jako cartier la panthère se rozebírají v diskuzi.

Dior, starskin hypnotic, poison od 995. Doprava do. Dior, hypnotic, poison. Přes 500 výdejních míst. Sleva na další nákup. Osvědčená kvalita od světového výrobce parfémů. Respekt a obdiv, to musíš mít!

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Dior, nejnovější produkty od značky dior. Less, zobrazeno synonyme z 1675 produktů. Seřadit podlePodle ceny: od nejnižšípodle ceny: od nejvyšínázvu: od A do znázvu: od Z do anejprve produkty sklademKódu: vzestupněKódu: sestupně. Ukázat: 20ukázat: 40ukázat: 100.

Dior hypnotic poison parfum douglas
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